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Since the beginning of 2022, there has been a silent rumbling on the island of Ibiza, “the calm before the storm” is the perfect way to describe it, and the reason is none other than the expectations for this year’s summer season.  

After 2 years of suffering the COVID-19 disease and the resulting restrictions, which affected severely to the local tourism sector, now the service industry has high hopes for this upcoming summer. These wishes are not arbitrary nor gullible faith, the numbers of COVID cases and infections in Spain are at an all-time low. This great news means “trouble” on the island because the discos are back.

Ibiza’s world-renown clubs, like Ushuaïa, Amnesia, Pachá, Lío, and have announced their openings this year, and that only means one thing to the average islander: “Lots of visitants!”.    

As a result, most establishments are beginning to prep for the season, and at MM it is no different.

Get ready to experience the beautiful Mediterranean island sailing around in any of our yachts available for charter, where you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy the sun and sea far from the crowds, taste the most exquisite foods and drinks on-board or in the best by-the-beach restaurants of Formentera, relax contemplating the sunset while sailing back to port in the evening… you name it. Let us help you arrange the holidays of your dreams, our Concierge service agents will ensure your only worry would be whether to have a French Rosé or an elaborate cocktail, we do the rest.

Coming to Ibiza on your own yacht? Trouble looking for a berth in these crowded waters? Michl Marine might have the answer. Thanks to our long-time operating on the island and our expertise in yacht management, we’ll find the perfect suit for your vessel in any of Ibiza’s top marinas. VIP yachts require VIP treatment, we don’t settle for less. We know all about yacht needs, with us your floating beauty will be ready to rock at all times, secured for any inconvenience that may occur. Your lifeline on the island.

At Michl Marine we are eager to see what 2022 will bring us, and we hope to celebrate it with you!

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