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It’s been a long way since Michl Marine Ibiza S.L. was founded, in 1989. What started as a small company dedicated to the yacht management service entirely, quickly began to grow in the yacht business horizontally. Manfred Michl, CEO and founder of Michl Marine, rapidly realised that his place wasn’t only in yacht management and started setting his feet on the brokerage service. This enterprise showed to be the correct path, since after offering this service plenty of people interested in purchasing a yacht came by to use Manfred’s deep knowledge and ability to help them in this matter. As a result, his reputation as a natural-born brokerage agent led him to conquer his first great opportunity, the English yacht builder Princess Yachts offered him the official dealership of the brand for the Balearics area. Shortly after, yet another brand showed interest in Manfred’s savre-faire, AB Yachts, an Italian shipyard, also offered him the official dealership of their brand. A smooth sailing ahead indeed.

The time passed, and MM kept harvesting success and building their reputation as a renowned yacht brokerage company in the Balearics. This fully materialised in 2011, when Manfred got the gratest offer in his entire career -- Mangusta Yachts, the world-known Italian shipyard, intending to boost their sales in the west Mediterranean area, offered Manfred the official dealership of the brand for the Balearics area. This concurred with the re-construction of one of the main private ports in Ibiza, Marina Ibiza, whose project was to become one of the most modern and impressive marinas in the Mediterranean. Michl Marine saw the opportunity and managed to acquire a venue in this marina to set its office, which would then become Ibiza’s favourite “hot-spot” for the boating industry and enthusiasts.

Now in 2022, after celebrating the 10 year-long relationship with Overmarine Group last year, Michl Marine still has a motive for celebration. This last decade, after hard, diligent work, MM represented a very viable asset for the shipyard thanks to its astounding volume of sales. This wasn’t overlooked by Mangusta, who rewarded Michl Marine with an expansion of its range of action, being now the official dealers for the totality of the Spanish region. Hence, MM is now “Mangusta Official representatives for Spain”, a surname that the company will exercise proudly, motivating it to excel even more. The best is yet to come!

Meanwhile, have a look and check what Mangusta has to offer here. Explore the range and models, like the newly added REV range, the 104 REV and 165 REV, the new face of the Maxi Open line. Interested in ocean-going glass villas? Have a look at the Oceano line, where the new Oceano 39 and 44 will surely spark your imagination about long range cruises around the globe. Looking for a mix of sportiness and comfort? Check the Gransport line, we’ll let you have the first impression… 

  • 2022

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