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Boat rentals are a well known activity in this part of the Mediterranean, and not for less, its waters, beaches and seascapes are a real natural beauty, worthy of being enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. For this reason, people go to charter agencies in Ibiza to book one of these unique experiences, however, there are several aspects to take into account when booking a boat, as the prices and extras offered depend largely on it. For this reason, MM offers you, reader, this Guide for Boat Charters in Ibiza, so you can make your own decisions that best suit yourself and do not fall into scams or misinformation.

Let's start!

First of all, it is important to establish a detailed date for the activity. This helps the agent who is going to manage the reservation. The more information you provide, the better they will be able to meet your needs (number of people on board, ideal route, restaurant reservations...). Once the request has been made, the charter agent will usually offer you viable options according to your needs and desires. It is here where the heart of the matter lies, there are different types of boats, each with its own characteristics and shortcomings. Next we will see which are the most outstanding and what aspects they have to highlight:


As their name indicates, they are luxury yachts of great length. They are usually called yachts that exceed 30 or 35 meters in length, although this is a subjective classification. Their main characteristics consist of a very high charter price, full and professional crew and a great variety of extras available on board (water toys, catering service, masseuse on board...). Negative aspects: Limited offer, difficulty to book at short notice and large fuel consumption.


Luxury boats up to 30-35 meters. The yacht is a type of boat that stands out for offering habitability on board similar to that of the mainland. In its interior we will find spacious lounges and cabins where to rest and relax, and in its exterior, ample areas for sunbathing. As a general rule, they have quite high prices that vary depending on the length and general condition of the boat. Negative aspects: Large fuel consumption.


Open Cruiser

The Open style boats are the trend of the last years in Ibiza. They usually have a length between 40 and 60 feet (12-16 Meters) and are characterized by their versatility, agility and mobility. It is the perfect boat to explore the coves and shallow areas thanks to its very shallow draft. Outside, there is a sunbathing area at the bow, and at the stern, a dinette with lounging areas and a bathing area. Inside there is usually a small saloon with a cabin and a bathroom, depending on the model may have more cabins. This type of boat is great for a day-charter, as its price is lower than that of a yacht and offers the possibility to explore more areas comfortably. It is important to mention that its fuel consumption is usually very low, making the total cost of the rental lower. Negative aspects: Being an open boat, it lacks of areas in the shade, although some of them offer retractable sun-shades.


Speed boat

Similar to the open-cruiser, this type of boats are characterized by being designed for performance, the sunbathing areas are modified to make the vehicle more hydrodynamic, so they are generally less accessible than the open cruiser. However, it should be noted that they tend to have a lower price than the previous ones. Negative aspects: Large fuel consumption at high speeds/rpms.

Ribs / RIBs Fast, manoeuvrable and relatively inexpensive. This type of boat is great if your intention is more sporty and adventurous, they are perfect for diving or fishing trips, thanks to their mobility and power you will have the possibility to change location with ease. Negative aspects: Usually not many amenities on board and lack of cabins.


Sailboat / Schooner

Sailing or sail/engine boats are a very valid option for nautical lovers. If you are looking for a relaxed and calm navigation, a sailboat is the best option. Generally of reduced prices (in comparison to other types of boats), easy access and good existing offer. Negative aspects: Compact interior spaces.

Pleasure boats

Smaller boats, suitable for all types of public. They do not offer the services that exist in the greater lengths, but they compensate it with a very reduced and accessible price. In addition, the skippers of these boats are usually locals and know the place and the best places perfectly. There are options in renting without skipper, where the client, if he has the corresponding title, can drive personally, without the need of an external skipper.

Lastly, once you have selected a boat which fits your needs, you have the option to add extra services not included in the price. Here is where you have the opportunity to customize you day-charter in full. Depending on the vessel and company, there are different extras available, but we will sort the most common ones here below:

- Water toys – A must have in every yacht. Water toys range from simple snorkelling equipment to Wakeboards and paddle surfs. Depending on the boat or yacht some of them are included in the price and some are offered as extras. Always ask what is included in the price offered.

- Catering – Some yachts offer chef and meals on board, but most of them offer catering service on demand. It is perfect if you wish to eat something in particular or if you have any allergies. Better safe than sorry!

- DJ – Life is a party, and on a boat it is no different. Light up your experience adding a DJ on board and enjoy nice live music. Not every yacht allows this service, so be aware before reserving/chartering.

- Masseuse – Get relaxation to an upper level having a massage service on board. Day-charter and Spa-day combined? Count me in.

- Sea-bob – Love diving in the Ibicencan waters? With this underwater propeller you will be able to reach and explore more areas, or maybe you are just tired of swimming… It serves its purpose either way.

We hope you have found this information useful. If you want to know more about charter or want to rent one, please contact us, we will help you with whatever you need.
  • 2022

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