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MANGUSTA 165 REV - The REV-olution begins

If there is something that most attract the interest of real yacht enthusiasts, that thing surely is new designs. Especially, when a brand presents new, bold, and eye-catching models to be introduced to the market, so it is usual to expect that dreamy “wow factor” that makes you immediately fall for them.

With Mangusta there is no exception, following the presentation of the 104 REV, the first of this new-wave models, comes the even more impressing MANGUSTA 165 REV.

At first sight, you can begin to feel the magnetism of her shape. Your eyes will never have enough of those curvy, smooth lines and shapes. The inspiration came from the 1930’s sports cars, whose curves were aerodynamically designed to make the car cut through the air more efficiently. Plus, this gave them such exciting lines that they still bear the minds of people’s imaginarium decades after. The Mangusta design division, in collaboration with Lobanov Design, brought us those magnificent lines back to life blending them with the brand’s classic design. As you can see, the original design of the Maxi Open range is still intact, the future has officially arrived.

But there is more than just looks, the new MANGUSTA 165 REV presents some new features never seen before on the range. One of the most visually obvious is the implementation of retractable platforms on deck. Both on port and starboard, the main salon becomes an exclusive balcony with the best sights thanks to its floor-to-ceiling glass windows. And there’s more! At the stern we will find the new beach club distribution for the Maxi Open range. When the rear door is down, the stern of the yacht becomes the perfect place to relax and enjoy swimming or sunbathing thanks to the large bathing platform and smart interiors made to have at reach all necessities needed to enjoy a sunny day. Other interesting new feature for the Maxi open range is the Pool at
the bow of the vessel, yet another never seen before base model feature.

In the interior, on the main deck, we’ll find a spacious salon, the cockpit and the owner’s cabin. The owner’s cabin consists in a full-beam room, a large bathroom and a mini salon with studio. In the lower deck are the rest of the 5 cabins, being 4 VIPs and 1 master, each with their own bathroom; the galley and crew area, consisting in 5 cabins and a dining room. On the fly deck we’ll find more relaxing areas and the option to install a Jacuzzi.

Wait! There’s more than just looks, the MANGUSTA 165 REV resembles the 1930’s cars also in (relative) performance. She mounts four MTU engines driven by Kamewa Jets, which grants the yacht a max speed of 34 knots at half load and a cruising speed of 30. Last but not least, we have to name the Gyro Stabiliser System, which provide active stabilization at zero or even low speeds, a feature that currently is a “must-have” in the yacht business. Want to know why? Try to sail when the sea is a bit rough and you’ll understand immediately!

In conclusion, the new 165 REV looks so good on paper that we at Michl Marine are biting our nails waiting to have the opportunity to watch one of them sailing through the beautiful Balearic waters, and something tells us that you do too, from now on, don’t you?

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